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Please compare the following picture of Japanese Characters KFM.GIF and next characters "関東ふれあいの道"! If you can see same character images then no problem on your computer setting. If it isn't so, please set your text code in Japanese-EUC. What you can see Japanese character expression correctly help you to walk around in Japan.

KFM: Kanto Fureai no Michi
(Trek around in Kanto Plain, Japan)

The KFM has 144 courses around Kanto plain (Metropolis of Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama and Kanagawa pref.). Its entire length is 1,665km.

My wife and I have walked about a half of these courses till now. Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa's courses were finished until this May. So I'm providing you to the WEB page of these courses.

Prefectural (or Metropolis) Index


I recommend that you should confirm these course information to local authority before you are walking around, if you are not familiar with these places.

  • Chiba: Shi-Zen-Hogo-Ka "自然保護課" ( means conservation of nature), Chiba Prefectural Office TEL:043-223-2107 FAX:043-225-1630
  • Ibaraki:Kan-Kyo-Sei-Saku-Ka "環境政策課" ( means environment policy), Ibaraki Prefectual Office TEL:029-301-2946
  • Tochigi:Shi-Zen-Kan-kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Tochigi Prefectural Office, TEL:028-623-3206
  • Gunma:Shi-Zen-Kan-Kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Gunma Prefectural Office TEL:027-226-2876
  • Saitama: Mi-Do-Ri Shi-Zen-Ka "みどり自然課", Saitama Prefectural Office TEL:048-830-3156
  • Tokyo:Midori-Kan-kyo-ka Shizen-Kouen-Kakari "緑環境課自然公園係" TEL:03-5388-3508
  • Kanagawa:Ryo-Ku-Sei-Ka "緑政課", Kanagawa Prefectural Office TEL:045-210-4315

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