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You can try taking SL(Steam Locomotive)!

A steam locomotive still is running. In Tochigi Pref., there is the Mouka Line(真岡鉄道). The train runs few times on every sunday.

How do I get it?
The train start from Shimodate (下館) Station in Mito line (水戸線). Shimodate (下館) is about one hour and 40 min. away from Ueno (上野) st.

If you live in Tokyo area, Go to Oyama (小山) st. by Utsunomiya line (宇都宮線) from Ueno (上野) station. And change trains to Mito line (水戸線). Shimodate (下館) st. is 6 stations away from Oyama (小山).


Information desk each local authority

  • Chiba: Shi-Zen-Hogo-Ka "自然保護課" ( means conservation of nature), Chiba Prefectural Office TEL:043-223-2107 FAX:043-225-1630
  • Ibaraki:Kan-Kyo-Sei-Saku-Ka "環境政策課" ( means environment policy), Ibaraki Prefectual Office TEL:029-301-2946
  • Tochigi:Shi-Zen-Kan-kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Tochigi Prefectural Office, TEL:028-623-3206
  • Gunma:Shi-Zen-Kan-Kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Gunma Prefectural Office TEL:027-226-2876
  • Saitama: Mi-Do-Ri Shi-Zen-Ka "みどり自然課", Saitama Prefectural Office TEL:048-830-3156
  • Tokyo:Midori-Kan-kyo-ka Shizen-Kouen-Kakari "緑環境課自然公園係" TEL:03-5388-3508
  • Kanagawa:Ryo-Ku-Sei-Ka "緑政課", Kanagawa Prefectural Office TEL:045-210-4315


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