I recommend that you should confirm these course information to local authority before you are walking around, if you are not familiar with these places.

  • Chiba: Shi-Zen-Hogo-Ka "自然保護課" ( means conservation of nature), Chiba Prefectural Office TEL:043-223-2107 FAX:043-225-1630
  • Ibaraki:Kan-Kyo-Sei-Saku-Ka "環境政策課" ( means environment policy), Ibaraki Prefectual Office TEL:029-301-2946
  • Tochigi:Shi-Zen-Kan-kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Tochigi Prefectural Office, TEL:028-623-3206
  • Gunma:Shi-Zen-Kan-Kyo-Ka "自然環境課", Gunma Prefectural Office TEL:027-226-2876
  • Saitama: Mi-Do-Ri Shi-Zen-Ka "みどり自然課", Saitama Prefectural Office TEL:048-830-3156
  • Tokyo:Midori-Kan-kyo-ka Shizen-Kouen-Kakari "緑環境課自然公園係" TEL:03-5388-3508
  • Kanagawa:Ryo-Ku-Sei-Ka "緑政課", Kanagawa Prefectural Office TEL:045-210-4315

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